A+ Clark's Driving School

Driver Education for Teens and Adults

Driver Education can be fun and educational. Aloha, my name is Chester Clark, DOE certified school teacher and DOT certified Driving Instructor (#004) with over 35 years of teaching experience.


A+ Clark's has developed the most updated program for teen Driver Training in Hawaii. A+ Clark's offers a course of 30 hours of Classroom and 6 hours of Behind The Wheel, a "Defensive Driving" program. More than 5,000 successful drivers have completed our course. A+ Clark's is accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii.


Classes are open to all students of Public and Private schools. A unique course includes Hawaii's streets, signs, road markings and intersections. The course has been tailored to cover subjects in safe, defensive and progressive development of teen driving. Students are "pro-active" in developing their personal "Skills Project Book" to help with participation and to maximize learning. The most current and updated versions of visuals are used to enhance power point presentations. New in 2012 a "peer teaching peer" program called "13 Defensive Driving Skills", helping teens with "Collision Free Driving". Plus a "BONUS"-program called "Who's at Fault".


For information about our Adult Program, (6 hour or 12 hour programs), click FAQ & go to questions #5 - #10.